/flæt / (say flat)

adjective (flatter, flattest)
1. level, even, or without inequalities of surface, as land, etc.
2. horizontally level: a flat roof.
3. comparatively lacking in projection or depression of surface: a broad flat face.
4. (of a sea, harbour, etc.) unbroken by waves; with little or no swell.
5. lying at full length, as a person.
6. lying wholly on or against something: a ladder flat against a wall.
7. thrown down, laid low, or level with the ground, as fallen trees or buildings.
8. (of a race) run on a level course or track, without obstacles to be jumped.
9. having a generally level shape or appearance; not deep or thick: a flat plate.
10. (of the heel of a shoe) low and broad.
11. (of feet) having little or no arch. See flatfoot (def. 1).
12. spread out, as an unrolled map, the open hand, etc.
13. collapsed; deflated: a flat tyre.
14. without qualification; unqualified, downright, or positive: a flat denial; that's flat; flat broke.
15. without modification: a flat rate; a flat price.
16. uninteresting, dull, or tedious.
17. (of wine) lacking substance and body; low in acidity.
18. stale; tasteless or insipid, as food.
19. (of beer, etc.) having lost its effervescence.
20. pointless, as a remark, joke, etc.
21. commercially dull, as trade or the market.
22. lacking relief, contrast, or shading, as a painting.
23. not giving the effect of perspective: the flat quality of medieval painting.
24. Painting without gloss; matt.
25. not clear, sharp, or ringing, as sound, a voice, etc.
26. Music
a. (of a note) lowered a semitone in pitch: B flat.
b. below an intended pitch, as a note; too low (opposed to sharp).
c. (of an interval) diminished.
27. Obsolete Colloquial slow-witted but honest (opposed to sharp).
28. Nautical (of a sail)
a. cut with little or no fullness.
b. trimmed as nearly fore-and-aft as possible, for sailing to windward.
29. Grammar (of an adverb) without an -ly suffix, as soon in be back soon or hard in she hit him hard.
30. in a flat position; horizontally; levelly.
31. Also, flatly. positively; absolutely.
32. exactly.
33. Also, flatly. Music below the true pitch.
34. Finance without interest.
35. something flat.
36. a flat surface, side or part of anything: the flat of a blade; the flat of the hand.
37. flat or level ground; a flat area: a river flat.
38. (often plural) low-lying land, especially when swampy or prone to flooding.
39. a shallow.
40. Obsolete Colloquial an honest but slow-witted person.
41. Obsolete Colloquial a newly-arrived immigrant to Australia seen as gullible prey for the local sharps. See sharp (def. 35).
42. Colloquial a police officer.
43. Music
a. (in musical notation) a sign which, when attached to a note or a stave degree, lowers it in pitch by one chromatic semitone.
b. a note so lowered in pitch.
c. (on keyboard instruments, with reference to any given key) the key next below or to the left.
44. a flat-heeled shoe.
45. Theatre a piece of scenery consisting of a wooden frame, usually rectangular, covered with lightweight board or fabric.
46. a working space below decks: a steering flat.
47. Horseracing
a. that part of a racecourse not occupied by grandstands.
b. Also, flat enclosure. the area in the centre of a racecourse.
c. a race run on a course without obstacles (opposed to the steeplechase).
d. (often upper case) British the season, from March to October, when such races are run.
48. Engineering an iron or steel bar of rectangular section.
49. NZ Colloquialflatfish.
50. Prison Colloquial tobacco other than that officially issued.
verb (t) (flatted, flatting)
51. Music to lower (a pitch) especially one semitone.
52. and that's flat, Colloquial (a phrase expressing resolution or determination): well I'm going and that's flat.
53. brace a yard flat aback, Nautical to set a yard so that the wind is nearly at right angles to the forward surface of the sail.
54. fall flat, to fail to have a desired effect: his jokes fell flat.
55. fall flat on one's (or its) face, Colloquial
a. to fall over so as to be stretched out on the ground.
b. to fail completely: *Even if you don't believe it's going to work, and even if it falls flat on its face, we're going to learn a lot –aap news, 2000.
56. flat as a tack, Colloquial exhausted.
57. flat nacka (or nack), Also, flat knacka (or knack). Colloquial at full speed.
58. flat out, Colloquial
a. as fast as possible.
b. very busy.
c. exhausted; unable to proceed.
59. flat out like a lizard drinking, Colloquial
a. exerting oneself to the utmost.
b. lying prone.
60. flat stick, Colloquial at full speed.
61. flat to the boards, Colloquial
a. travelling at maximum speed.
b. extremely busy.
{Middle English, from Old Norse flatr; distantly related to Greek platys broad, flat. See flat2}
flatness, noun
/flæt / (say flat)

1. a suite of rooms, usually on one floor only, forming a complete residence, and usually rented.
2. Obsolete a floor or storey of a building.
verb (i) (flatted, flatting)
3. to live in a flat.
{variant of obsolete flet, Old English flet floor, house, hall. See flat1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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